the making of: bath time surprise

This will be a semi long post but it’ll give you some insight into my comic and my process for making it. Bath time surprise was one of my first posts here on this site and i hold the comic dear to me. Bath time is a edited version of orvalex’s comic which I am remaking. Back then when I first started making the comic my art was not so polished and it took me a way longer to make a single page for the comic. A page back then took 3 – 4+ days to make but now I can finish a whole page in a few hours. as you can expect I’m blazing through the pages. long ago I planned to cancel bath time surprise but since soo many people are dying to see it i cant let them down. Ok so Now im going to talk about some changes and cool things i added to the orvalex version. Firstly the anatomy and faces for the characters have been redone and I made sure to make version 2 as close to the anime as possible. I can’t wait to show you how good gokus nude body looks. Second there were some corrections made to the grammer and overall sentence structure of the comic, this helps it flow so much better. and Third (which is the most exciting) I have drawn completely new pages and panels. I know many people are antsy and want the comic to be completed but I assure you that its coming very soon (in a few days in fact) so stay tuned and follow my twitter account for the latest updates.

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