Comission: Bulla bred

After vegeta and trunks left goten to babysit he knew his chance finally had come. Bulla flirtfully kissed him on the lips and slowly pulled away, she had to ask goten a question. “Can you poke me like goku san does to me? it feels really nice”. Goten blushed but he had always wanted bulla ever since she was born. He quickly removed his gi and showed his weiner to bulla. “I-it’s not going to hurt right?” Goten nodded. “Nu-uh if i go really fast the white stuff comes out fast”. Bulla slowly grabbed his hard cock and put it inside her. “Heh good job bulla” goten said as he felt her warm embrace. Goten then thrust bulla swiftly as she panted while holding the pillow behind her. “Aghh~” goten said as he used all his might to thrust his man hood inside bulla. “I want babies~” bulla said as she caresed gotens hard chest. “Guuhhh~~ im almost there bulla!!” goten grabbed her small tits and squeezed them as firmly as he could. “Youre going to be a great mom~” goten said as he messaged her tits. “AHHH!” goten screamed out as he felt the load coming out of him. “G-goten~~” bulla felt paralyzed by the pleasure as she could feel his cum deep inside her.

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