Quality father and son bonding time


Goku and gohan both slept besides one another after a long day of training but suddenly gohan is awoken as he feels his dads hard cock throb against his head. Gohan starts jerking off goku and before you know it they are spending some quality time together.

2 Comments on “Quality father and son bonding time

  1. Jeje paracen que esta el la cama de chichi y goky, que ella piensa?


  2. Gokus glad he has a son. Whenever Chi-Chi sees his dick is hard she gets mad. Even though she was the one that attacked him and sat on his wiener before Gohan started living in her stomach! It’s not like he can control his dick like his ki! Girls are weird! Sometimes they blush when they see you naked other times they’re mad! Guys don’t care and Master Roshi taught him that guys can stick their Wiener in each other and it feels really good! Goku has to be careful even when poking Chi-Chi but with Gohan he can be rough!


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